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It’s astonishing that a year has flown by since I decided that a Praana Wellness online community could be a great support for us all who are globally navigating the changes created in all our lives by the events of the past (almost) 2 years.

For 8 years we have been hosting people at our therapeutic wellness centre in France where I have been delivering a broad range of bespoke and group programmes to individuals, couples, families, and adolescents.

In the past 18 months and there have been some recurring themes that I have witnessed during most of my private client sessions: the difficulties experienced when human connection is lacking; the changing parameters of rules and regulations and human adaptation; the anxiety and frustration that has arisen in every demographic – even our small children are finding the only way they know how to express themselves (when the rhetoric is missing) through more challenging behaviours at home and/or at school.

At the outset, my idea was to harness a little of what I have been teaching for almost 30 years, into 21-day monthly online programmes, each attached to a private chat group and a collective monthly Zoom call. I’m delighted to say that we have just finished our tenth 21-day programme. It has been an incredible journey for myself as well as the members and the year has passed by in a collectively supportive bubble.

We have two more months to complete in 2021 before we celebrate the completion of our first year of our virtual members community.

‘The Work’ that members have been prepared to do, even in the more challenging programmes where we have had to look inwardly rather than our exterior environment for explanations, has been brave and unprecedented. Some months have been more challenging for some than others and some months more relevant for some than others. Possibly the greatest opportunity has been knowing that each month there awaits each member a non-judgmental, private space that they can retreat to each day, should they need a listening ear and/or support.

At the end of each month, we create a resources document that lists all the recommendations, musings/yoga videos, meditations and tutorials so you have a record of everything we covered. All materials are downloadable and can be revisited at any time.

2022 Online Praana Wellness Community

The start of the 2022 members’ community will be managed in a similar way, and in parallel, we are working on a new members’ platform so you can simply login to our website to join the entire yearly group, or a selection of groups as and when you wish to. Regardless of how we manage the group, the content of the monthly programmes will always be fresh as the interactions in the groups – nothing stays the same, and our programmes will evolve to meet the needs of our members.

Above all, this space has been a place of growth and support for all of our the current members. This has also been a place of growth and support for me as it has provided me with an opportunity to reach a wider community than would ever have been possible if only working privately or in-person with people. I took a little convincing that online therapy was a way forward 5 years ago but I am without doubt now that great work can be done online and most importantly, it allows access to mental health provision that, for some, is impossible.

When I started the group in January, I hesitated to call it ‘group therapy’ for fear that it would be an off-putting term to some participants. But, in fact, this is really what the fundamental goal of the group has been. One of the most positive sides of the months of confinement we have experienced is that mental health issues are finally being spoken about more openly – whether via national advertising campaigns of simply between friends. I’m happy to see that the word ‘therapy’, and more importantly, the willingness of people to seek out psychotherapy (in the same way they would seek out an osteopath for dealing with back issues) is becoming commonplace.

Ready to invest in yourself?

For less than the cost of a couple of meals out, or a new pair of boots, we are offering you the annual membership for just £99, or €115, or $135 US.

If you refer 3 people who sign up at this price, or gift the membership to 3 people, then you will join us as an honorary guest for 2022! Yes, it won’t cost you a thing!

Each month (except for August), you will receive:

  • 21 days access to a private members’ chat group, hosted and guided by Amanda, mental health psychologist, yoga therapist and Ayurvedic practitioner.
  • A 21-day programme/themed discussion on a topic of health and wellness (topics like seasonal wellness & Ayurveda, adapting to the change of the seasons, yoga and meditation, parenting your inner child, adapting to the way we communicate post-Covid, strengthen your parasympathetic nervous system, gratitude, cooling the).
  • Opportunity to join a live Zoom call (lasting 60-90 mins), or, a full yoga class. (The call is recorded with permission of participants for members unable to attend.)
  • Live videos and tutorials.
  • Downloadable access to all of Amanda’s videos and documents uploaded to the group.
  • Exclusive offers periodically for members only to Praana Wellness retreats, counselling services and yoga community.

Programmes run from the 1st to 21st day of each month (except for August). The chat group remains available 365 days of the year and members do continue to chat outside of the programmes.

I really hope you recognise this opportunity as an investment in your health and well-being for 2022. There is no better investment. The cost of the annual membership is less than the cost of one hour privately with a psychologist and yet there is so much more to gain over the 365 days. Our group actually gives you daily access to a mental health psychologist, in parallel with an incredible, collaborative support group, that will help you to connect, share, learn and develop.

How to join

Want to invest in your own well-being in 2022 – you can join us by one of two methods:

  • Make your subscription via PayPal
  • Or, email us (amanda @ for bank details in your country
    Drop us a line when you have registered, with your full name, email address and location in the world (time zone) and we’ll confirm that you are registered.

If you are buying the subscription as a gift for someone, please make that clear when you contact us, and we will need the same contact details for the person to whom you are gifting the membership. We will then issue a gift certificate.

Looking forward to connecting and working with you in 2022
In gratitude