Vetiver oil – I’m completely drawn towards this pure oil now.

It all makes sense!

I was craving peppermint during July and August as the temperatures soared and we were in the throws of a busy season. Now, as we draw the season to a successful close I am looking for more grounding, more rooting and a quiet few weeks as I enjoy time out in nature with the dogs or gardening.

We can be pulled in so many different directions in terms of people, priorities and activities during the heat of the season but when Autumn comes we crave (sometimes unknowingly) being brought back down to earth.

Vetiver helps to do this, grounding us in Nature, in our physical world. Vetiver helps us to connect to how we think and feel supporting all kinds of self-awareness.It is a very thick oil and requires the best of Pitta’s patience and Vata’s flightiness to even get 5 drops for the diffuser… but oh how it is worth it!

It’s divine.

I diffuse in the mornings and the evenings. I also might put 3 drops on the soles of my feet or at the base of my spine if I have a challenging day !

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