Summer transition into Autumn is one of the most challenging for our health. Children return to school, the sun rises much later and sets much earlier, there is a cool moisture in the air and sometimes chilly wind in the mornings even when the temperature rises by mid afternoon. The leaves are dry and falling and plants are tired, shrinking back into the earth to regain strength for the next season.

It’s all so predictable and familiar and yet how many of us take stock of the elements around us in Nature and appreciate that flux is also happening within us?

The question is what simple and easy adjustments can we make to ensure our health and well-being as we transition through Autumn?

One of the kindest changes would be within our yoga practise.

The flux of Autumn’s elements cries out for a kapha yoga practise. A practise with slow, strong flows and where we spend time breathing deeply and steadily is called for. One that offers firm grounding through our feet, our bodies and our hands.

The following 5 poses offer this grounding in our practise that ultimately keeps us feeling secure and safe. Don’t forget to really tune in to the beautiful way your body connects with the earth and steady it there for a while.