We have been having a really beautiful and busy summer season here hence the lack of newsletter for a few months! Sorry! I thought silence was more valuable than a rushed update! Our guests have come this year from the all over the world for some peaceful relaxation, for a writing retreat, an art retreat, several yoga retreats and also to host their special occasions and celebrate with family and friends. We have had lots of new people who have heard about us through their friends and other more familiar faces returning for their second or even third visit and the peace and tranquillity on offer here at Praana Wellness. Right now we are transitioning from Summer to Autumn with a chill in the air in the mornings and evenings, beautiful sunny days and a change in the colour of the leaves as the days shorten. I love September! My sons birthday is in September and I remember the most idyllic children’s treasure hunts in our local woods in very typically autumnal weather. As I age I become more aware of this beautiful season and its offerings. The squashes are coming to ripeness in the vegetable garden, the last of the blackberries are in the hedgerow, the glut of tomatoes being used and frozen in every which way imaginable..and the colours! Wow! Autumn brings an abundance of Air and Space and Vata is in abundance. The qualities of coolness, dryness, lightness and mobility heighten in some of us where Vata dosha is already dominant and we can become aware of a ‘flightiness’ in both the physical body and mind that can be so easily kept in check when our awareness is drawn to the changes. Earthy grounding foods, warm in quality and cleansing by nature help us to address a diet to prepare us for the winter months. Our yoga practise may take on a more grounding focus to it to draw Mother Earth’s energy up from the ground and we may focus on some pranayama that helps us stay slow, steady and secure. Routine is an important factor as Summer turns to Autumn.