This is why doTERRA are my no 1 choice, their ethical commitment to the communities in which they harvest and why frankincense is my daily medicine. Oil #5 is FRANKINCENSE the “King of Oils”. This precious essential oil is distilled from the resin of Boswellia trees tended by families over many generations in Somalia. This oil is used worldwide in religious ceremony and practice because of its effect on our spirit and emotions. It calms anxious feelings, comforts us in grief, and gives us hope when we feel low.

  • Restorative for low energy levels
  • Significant antimicrobial activity
  • Useful for soothing physical discomfort
  • Promotes healthy levels of inflammation

But I can’t talk about the properties of this oil without mentioning how crucial is the SOURCING process in the essential oil industry. Many highly-prized essential oils are grown in vulnerable, impoverished regions of the globe, and frankincense is no exception. The demands of the perfume and fragrance industry have ravaged ecosystems and kept entire communities on the verge of starvation. dōTERRA’s sourcing model has turned the entire essential oil industry upside down: partnering with environmental scientists to ensure sustainability; paying their farmers independently of yield; building hospitals and schools to educate boys AND girls. To learn more, check out the Cō-Impact Sourcing section of and be sure to watch the videos about frankincense and Somalia. Why do YOU love frankincense? I’d love to hear how this oil has transformed your home.