I’m on retreat this week in the hills of Southern Spain.. learning from the great teacher Donna Farhi, doing so little and yet so much for my own self-care. It’s a poignant reminder to nurture self in such simple and connecting ways that are so unobtrusive..how do you serve yourself daily? What do you do that unobtrusively nurtures your physical, emotional and mental needs on a daily basis? Our ethos here at Praana Wellness Retreats is holistic well-being. Whatever it takes for you to be physically, mentally and emotionally strong and able to cope with the expected and unexpected challenges of traversing your path. I have changed the name of the Sugar Aware FB group not necessarily to take the focus off being Sugar- Aware – I think we all now understand in this group the importance of being aware of how much and which type of sugars serve us – and which don’t. My reason for changing is because with more and more visitors who come to Praana Wellness I realise that the subject we discuss most is Balance and Self-Care. My direction pulls very much towards psychology and mental wellness as this is how I spend a great deal of my working week with clients either working with them face-to-face or online. Your contributions in this group have been very much appreciated and I realise there are many people who have offered so much… I would love you all to remain and continue to support those who need help getting started or maintaining a Balanced Lifestyle. Lets see what we can do to grow this wonderful support group and discuss topics that we all might find confusing, contradicting, difficult to know which expert to listen to!