So I thought I’d begin a discussion about the meaning of ‘expert’. What is an expert?, how do we truly know someone is an expert in the field of health and well-being? With so many contradicting views in our media sources how do WE make our own minds up? The wikipedia definition says ‘An expert is someone who has a prolonged or intense experience through practice and education in a particular field’ – relatively straightforward right? NCBI provide a more academic explanation although it suggests the same principles ‘Experts play an important role in society, but there has been little investigation about the nature of expertise. I argue that there are two kinds of experts: those whose expertise is a function of what they know (epistemic expertise), or what they do (performative expertise). Epistemic expertise is the capacity to provide strong justifications for a range of propositions in a domain, while performative expertise is the capacity to perform a skill well according to the rules and virtues of a practice. Both epistemic and performative experts may legitimately disagree with one another, and the two senses are conceptually and logically distinct.’ My own experience in this field over 3 decades is that the two cannot be separated and neither one nor the other less important. In relation to health and well-being do you have someone you consider to be an expert in the field that you follow regularly and why?