So delicious and a great healthy substitute for an average chocolate bar full of refined sugars! 1½ cups of soaked walnuts (use alternatives if you like – sesame seeds, hazelnuts, sunflower seeds or anything similar you have in the store cupboard. Or, mix them up! ½ cup of soaked and softened dates 1 tsp cinnamon The seeds of 1 vanilla bean (optional) 2tbsp raw cocoa powder dry coconut for decoration Directions Process the nuts and seeds in a food processor until like a powder. Add the remaining ingredients (not the coconut) and process again until everything is well mixed together and starts to clump. Have a taste and if it requires more sweetness add a little honey. Roll small balls in your hands with the mixture and then roll them in the coconut to finish or cocoa powder or something else that takes your fancy! Refrigerate.