Yoga poses that help to support us through a transitioning winter to spring cleanse are the poses that open the body, create some space and especially massage and ‘wring out’ the detoxing organs in the core of the body.

To achieve this we are looking to twist and breathe deeply.

Don’t be afraid of breathing as loudly as you possibly can – one of the aims of a cleansing yoga practise is to shift and move stagnant mucous in the physical body.

This doesn’t just mean the respiratory system, think about the whole of your body and where ‘Ama’ (toxins) may have gathered over the winter months (digestive system and thoughts being two other areas that need clearing often at this time of year).

If you are beginning these exercises for the first time do ensure you are supported and warm, somewhere quiet and take it slowly at first, resting between 20 second rounds. It is not unusual to feel a little light-headed but if you suffer with high or low blood pressure you should firstly check with your doctor.