For those of you who would like to try a simple couples yoga pose at home then why not give this a go one evening when you are relaxing.

Simply sit back-to-back on the floor, legs crossed or straight out in front of you. Try to connect your spines from the tailbone to the base of the neck.

Be aware of your shoulder blades connecting, the back of both rib cages connecting and simply begin to breathe.

Close your eyes.

Become aware of your partners breathe instead of your own. Sense the rise and fall of their rib cage against yours and see if you can communicate, with your partner, only through the breath. As you both sit and breathe, lengthen and slow down the breath so that it almost becomes one breath.

As you inhale, your partner exhales. As your partner inhales, you exhale and so on. Continue to do this until your mind starts to wander or you become distracted. Slowly, with practice, you will become in tune with your partners breath and you will be communicating only via the breath, with your bodies and without speaking.

This is the very beginning of finding a deeper connection with your partner and one that will help you to connect on a level beyond the spoken word, ultimately helping both of you to navigate the challenges of life in partnership.