I think in an Ayurvedic way!

It helps me to realise the changes our minds and bodies go through when the seasons change and then to make adjustments accordingly.

So the temperature fluctuates, dryness is also around us as the leaves on the trees (and the vines!) dry up and fall to the ground. The wind also seems to pick up out of nowhere at times. It’s all normal for this time of year, so the elements of dryness, mobility, dampness and moisture creep into our bodies also.

Sometimes I have a t-shirt on and sometimes I have to put on my jumper and boots. Dampness seeps into our bodies as the clouds lie heavy in the mornings and we become aware of stiffness in our joints and muscles.

The temptation is to remain in bed longer as its darker much later. It is often harder to get motivated to move and exercise. What we like to do is introduce into our yoga practise some warmth and movement.

This can even be simple dynamic stretches when you get out of bed in the morning! These simple stretches sitting in bed, or on the edge of the bed, serve us well: small circles for wrist health and for shoulder health.

Gentle movements of the head and neck while you breathe in and out to your belly through your nostrils can all help wake up the body gently and aid flexibility in joints and connective tissue. The belly breath also aids the stimulation of digestion.

From there you can move into your Downward Dog (adho mukha svanasana) but do have a play around in this pose to keep it active. The temptation is to force the heels to the mat too early. Remember Yoga is not about achieving goals and moving on to the next posture, it’s about enjoying and learning from the practise during your journey.

When you start to bend your knees and begin to walk your heels in, try and stay with the long nasal breath you cultivated at the beginning of practise and be aware of how much that extra oxygen can aid the opening of the backs of the legs and the spine as you play around! Try it – it will help you combat the elements of the Autumnal season by raising a little heat in the body.