Learning how to quieten the mind and breath to enable the physical body to root to the earth.

Often I find students ‘fail’ before they start their journey into Vrksasana because they want to just get there and don’t prepare mind and body to be still. Remember its the journey that is important in your practise, not the goal. Tree pose seems so simple – what is so difficult about standing on one leg? Well, here are a few tips.

  1. Prepare the breath, imagine your energy travelling down the body from the core, find your concentration spot (dristi) with your gaze and then slowly travel through the preparation of lifting one leg followed equally and slowly by the arms after by standing in mountain pose for a minute.
  2. Prepare the breath while you stand in mountain pose and imagine.
  3. Find your concentration spot.
  4. Travel through the preparation, hold for as long as is comfortable and then change sides.