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I am greeting you this month from Zimbabwe. I arrived here on Monday, for the first time in 12 years and I was once again reminded of the love I have for this country, its people, its climate and its energy.

Despite the desperate economic crisis that has unfolded over the past 3 decades in this beautiful country the Shona people, I have observed, to be some of the happiest, smiliest and warmed people I have ever had the pleasure to live amongst. Children dance and cartwheel as they walk home from school dressed smartly in their school uniforms. Social connection amongst adults is evident on every street corner. There often appears to be no rush to be anywhere (as yes, I understand that this has negative implications too!) but I also see the many positives far outweighing the negatives in terms of human connection. This connection, I feel, is one of the most valuable and free tools we as humans have in our toolbox of life skills that enable us to feel happy and confident in ourselves.

Whatever ‘love’ means to each and every one of you, it usually comes in the form of some kind of connection to either a person, or to a place, or to something else tangible. However, I believe the greatest love of all comes firstly when we learn to love and accept ourselves. When we are able to do that then the radiance of this love permeates every aspect of our lives like the ripples on a pond. Yet, so many of us find this so difficult to do. So whether you have someone special in your life in this coming month of love, or not, set your intention to love and accept yourself just exactly as you are now. Whether you embrace a new self-care routine, a new yoga or meditation practice or you simply endeavour to get out into nature and make a connection with something that makes you smile inside, just do it because love begins with self-love.

If any of you are interested in experiencing the love that I have for Zimbabwe as a country and Africa as a continent, there are still a few spaces for you to join us on our retreat to Victoria Falls at the beginning of November.


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