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"Life is not merely to be alive, but to be well." - Marcus Valerius Martial
At Praana Wellness we believe that in order to be as healthy and balanced as possible we must live as naturally as we can. We aim to nourish our bodies with fresh, organic and seasonal vegetables as well as staying active. Recently we have introduced even more plant power into our lives to help ward off any unwanted ailments and this has been through the use of essential oils. We are living in a time where chemicals are taking precedence in our lives and polluting our bodies. Essential oils are a fantastic way of enhancing our bodies natural ability to fight infections and disease without putting us under more strain.
What is an essential oil?

Essential oils (EO) are extracted natural compounds found in many different parts of plants from the bark to the roots, flowers and the leaves. EO are treasured for their enhancement of beauty, flavour and health.

It is interesting to learn how the oils work by getting a better understanding of how they assist their own plant to flourish in their own environment. For example, Melaleuca Alternifolia (otherwise known as Tea Tree) is grown in swampy, humid and wet environments where it is a breeding ground for mold, fungus and bacteria. Plants growing in these conditions must have a strong immune system to survive and thrive. Melaleuca oils are naturally anti- septic, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal making them a fantastic choice for healing cuts, skin issues and more. Humans (like plants) are carbon based, therefore, EO are compatible and beneficial for us too.

  • Used for centuries to support healing
  • Natural aromatic compounds
    found in plants (their immunity)
  • 50-70x more powerful than herbs
  • Powerful, safe benefits
    without side effects
  • Easy to use


Why is it relevant to me?

Health outside (e.g. eczema), health inside (e.g. breathing better), general (e.g. sports and deep blue), supplements, household cleaning or detergents(e.g. tea tree oil)

Essential oils can be used in so many different ways. They can be applied topically for things such as eczema, acne, headaches, muscle aches, warts etc. They can be aromatically diffused into the room, which can have huge benefits to your mood, energy and sleep. doTERRA oils are also so pure that some of them can be ingested in both oil and supplement form. Each oil is versatile and once you learn a little bit about them, you can be creative with how you use them.

“Praana Wellness is fortunate to be supported by Dr. Robin Fawcett, a working GP in the United Kingdom, who also backs the use of EO as the future of medicine: particularly those made by doTERRA. I am working under her guidance and with her support our aim is to educate people as to the benefits of these oils for themselves and their families. We regularly hold online webinars to teach people more about how to use essential oils.” – Sophie Graham

If you would like to book your place on our next webinar, please go to our booking form  and we will confirm your place by return email, or if you would like more information please click our ‘find out more’ button, to send us an email.

doTerra webinars with Dr. Robin

Introduction to Essential Oils

 How to stay healthy this winter.

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