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It’s never too late to start a yoga practise. I can’t tell you how many students come to me having had an experience in a yoga class decades before that has put them off practising yoga ever again. I find it sad (and disappointing) that a person feels they ‘can’t do yoga’!

I’m pleased to say that now, 5 years after starting to teach in France, I have many students who came from the place I mention above and who now practise regularly once or twice a week. They are confident that in their own way they CAN do yoga and, what’s more, they begin to care less and less about what other people are doing on their mats around them. At that point, as a teacher, you know you have someone in front of you who will make yoga a part of their life to some degree going forward. Taking control of the ego, letting go of the ego and accepting our own bodies for what they can and cannot do.

My yoga master would say to me “Amanda, while you can breathe you can practise yoga”. Yoga is not just a physical practise but it is designed to help us maintain healthy balance emotionally and mentally also. This for me, in my world of psychotherapy, is something that is much needed in our challenging and stressful lifestyles today. We always find time to work more, we find time to socialise more, we find time to watch TV but when it comes to a 10 minute breathing practise each day… well, we are all too busy. How can this be? The power of our pranic breath can add years to our lives, help reduce stress considerably and generally make your day a happier day! Try it.



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