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It’s Sugar-free January @Praanawellness! Praanawellness is a small, organic health and wellbeing retreat centre, set amongst the Cognac vines, where we truly believe in all things balanced and in moderation. We don’t believe in extremes of any kind and we certainly don’t like crash diets! When a person eats well and feeds body and soul correctly it radiates through their physical and mental wellbeing and also in their own self-confidence and self-esteem.  As a Psychotherapist with many years of counselling addiction experience (amongst other challenges) I can honestly say that sugar-addiction is becoming as much a part of my business as treating alcohol dependence and drug abuse.

I can’t tell you how honoured we are to be hosting such a fabulous group of people willing, for their own individual reasons, to reduce their sugar intake this month and raise awareness of where the ‘bad sugars’ are in our daily diet!  We are barely a week into it as I write and what is clear is that we are ALL individuals when it comes to what is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ for us relating to nutrition. There is no ‘one diet fits all’.  However, as an Ayurvedic practitioner I always come back to basic simple science when we study even one aspect of nutrition:

Food is our medicine. It can also be our poison.

We are all busy people; we push ourselves more now than we ever did. Less emphasis is now put on eating what is good for our physical and mental health, rather than what tastes good and makes us feel happy, albeit temporarily! Think about that delicious delivery pizza or takeaway curry when you are too tired to cook after a long day at work. But, how does it make you feel the next day? Do you have those feelings of guilt? How was your digestion the next day?

What concerns me with the sugar debate is that we don’t know where the bad sugars are in the processed foodstuffs that we buy.  Even those who, with the best intentions, try to be healthy by eating ‘No-fat’ and ‘Low-fat’ products, have no idea that their liver is struggling to metabolise the ‘bad sugars’ in these products.  After WW2 sugar was a delicacy. There was so little of it that if you had enough to bake a family cake once a week you were fortunate.  Sugar in your tea was also a luxury.  So then we jump forward 70 years… cakes are a part of every day life, we now have chemical alternative sweeteners possibly doing more harm than real sugar would to our bodies. Have we not just simply become really confused about the whole issue?

So, in our bid to raise awareness we have some evidence-based and very enlightening lectures posted in the group along with some other interesting information from members who are either working in the nutrition industry already or, have, to some degree, been on the sugar-free path for sometime.

It’s never too late to join our group – you simply cannot fail – this is about educating and raising awareness, helping our friends who need it most and above all taking care of YOU. We have to take responsibility for our own health and keep everything in balance and moderation.

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