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In January we began a support group designed to help make people aware of how inflammatory sugar has become to our bodies, the contribution it makes to so many illnesses (diabetes, obesity, heart disease, osteoporosis amongst a few). That group now has over 200 members and we have transitioned into Sugar-Aware February. Its been a hugely supportive month for some who, by their own admission, were sugar addicts.  They crashed hard in the first week and now they are new people! Literally! Its been amazing and the beauty of it – the support they have given each other.

Here’s the most important point about this exercise. Our emotional ties to what we eat is all important.  We now need to find a balance. Sugar has only become a poison rather than a luxury treat because it is more addictive than cocaine and so the more we have been used to the more we crave it.  How many of us have eaten because of the way we are feeling – and sugar was the first thing we reached for? Once you get your cravings under control you will find they will disappear. You will have less aches and pains, more energy and by the way, if its weight you want to lose, you’ll do it without effort! How wonderful is that?

At PraanaWellness we never support extremes in anything BUT we put physical and mental health and well-being first and foremost most of the time. That means when we want to celebrate we do so without guilt! So, if you haven’t joined our supportive group yet then come on and do so! For YOU, the family, your friends – lets lead by example..

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