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With Easter fast approaching it is, in many homes, a time of excess sugar! For me, it is a double celebration this year so I am coping with Easter and birthday goodies. So how can we control it all and make it a fun time for families without so over indulging? Chocolate eggs and bunnies stare us in the face everywhere we go, every shop and supermarket drawing us in with their ‘3 for 2’ offers. Well here are a few tips to help. Its all about awareness, enjoyment and balance!

  1. Get creative! So Easter eggs and sweets on your easter egg hunts are the easy option, I get it! So there are many ways we can get creative with children in the decoration of ‘hunted eggs!’. Set up a station and use these natural kitchen edibles to decorate your hard-boiled eggs. Beetroot, onion, turmeric and purple cabbage all give a lovely base colour to an egg on which they can create animals, people and, without any harm to us eating them afterwards!


  1. Games! How about, Pin the tail on the Easter Bunny! If you are fortunate to be living near the countryside do a little adventure hunt a little wider than the garden. Let children explore nature! Ask them to find 5 things that you know will keep them hunting for a while (and possibly set them a few clues). All the birthday parties of our children were treasure hunts in a woods near our home in Bath for several years – they loved it! The treats were there – just not at every stop and more so as a team reward at the finish line.
  2. Explore natural ways to sweeten your goodies, your Easter cakes, your biscuits and even turn your hand to making home made chocolate goodies! We are all about balance here at Praanawellness but we don’t like to miss out on a celebration!
  3. Finally try and avoid those cheap offers – they are cheap because the ingredients used are cheap, unhealthy and will no doubt give your children a sugar-rush from hell! Consider the ‘less is more’ scenario.



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