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When I returned to live in Zimbabwe this year there was something terribly familiar about it despite me not having visited since i spent my first few years as a child living in East and Central Africa with my parents and brother.

Zimbabwe, sadly has had a lot of negative press over the past 15 years and has not been on many peoples ‘top countries to visit list!’ but I want to share with you the natural beauty of the magnificent country that, despite the economic crisis it has been through, still remain apparent to the intrepid traveller! Unadulterated african vistas in abundance as you traverse the vast wilderness, wild animals in natural settings to be admired and observed and, above all, some of the friendliest and smiliest people I have come across on my travels.

I have been given so many wonderful opportunities already in the past 9 months to travel within the country visiting its lakes, dams, game parks, nature reserves, farms and hiking through some of its rocky terrain. This is Africa, raw, unadulterated and beautiful. Once known as ‘the bread basket of Africa’ supplying produce to European supermarkets I realise that despite its economic demise the rich soil and Zimbabwe’s near perfect climate continues to provide the highest quality wholefoods to the nation – something power and politics cannot alter! Friends and family called me ‘brave’ for wanting to come and spend more time in a country that appeared to be so volatile and considered by some to be even dangerous, but, the world is volatile and my time in London sometimes ‘dangerous’ depending on how you viewed it!

What I have seen is it’s beauty above all and with a keen awareness as I have of any country I visit as a foreigner, I remain vigilant when I travel. The Shona people are a happy natured positive community and have always been welcoming and willing to assist. Zimbabwe is a country that has been dealt an unfair hand in terms of leadership and corruption. I would urge you not to let this cloud your judgement of what remains the most incredible country.

I remain positive and excited for ZImbabwe’s future and people of the country are hoping that new leadership will be the catalyst to what will be incredible change and rebuilding of what I consider to be one of natures gifts of a country. Despite the difficulties some Zimbabweans continue to run the most incredible businesses including the Lodge we have booked at Victoria Falls.. come with us and experience our ‘Walking with Elephants Retreat’ and see African at its best, it deserves your support and you deserve the ultimate life experience.

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