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Wellness Retreats

“In order to understand the world, one has to turn away from it on occasion." - Albert Camus


We have a generous potager at Praana Wellness, where we can we use home-grown produce. If we do shop for wholefoods we buy only organic and seasonal produce.  We also cater for all dietary needs. The sample below is vegetarian but we will serve meat and fish (again locally sourced and organic) on request.

Sample breakfast

Ginger apple shot and/or vegetable juice.
Compote chia pots.

Homemade bread, eggs, mushrooms and homemade beans or ‘Arts Porridge’, a very indulgent porridge full of goodness and naturally sweet treats.

Art is a lovely Canadian woodworker who spent some time at Praana Wellness and taught us that porridge is not just about oats and milk! 

Sample lunch

Baked sesame and home-grown tomato avocados with home-grown spinach, served with a potato and butter bean salad
Pan-fried cardamom and honey apples served with cashew cream.

Sample Vegetarian Dinner

Avocado and carrot rice paper wraps with sweet sesame sauce.
Butternut squash and kale tart with seasonal vegetables
Chocolate Avocado Mousse with a seasonal berry coulis

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