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“In order to understand the world, one has to turn away from it on occasion." - Albert Camus








This is a 5 night/6 day therapeutic retreat filled with a vast array of self-healing opportunities, art therapy, yoga and the opportunity to explore and awaken the creativity within and all the while having some fun. You will be immersed in the tranquil surroundings at PraanaWellness and given the opportunity to enjoy a variety of self-healing activities such as ‘Thinking with Ink’ workshops, lebanese cooking, crocheting, yoga and meditation all aimed at relieving day-to-day stresses and helping you find ways of maintaining balance in our ever busy world. Between Melanie and Amanda there is a wealth of counselling experience and, should you wish, there will be an opportunity for one private counselling session with Amanda included in the package. However, with Melanie and Amanda co-hosting this event there will be on-going support and encouragement.

You can participate in the workshops as much or as little as you wish during your stay. This is your therapeutic retreat and there will be plenty of time to simply relax by our pool or have massage/reflexology with our resident masseur.
Also included in the package is a buffet breakfast, buffet lunch and 3 course dinner. There will be an after dinner speaker to share the history of the Pineau and Cognac trade in the Charante-Maritime and a chance for you to sample some local delights! There will also be opportunity to venture to Cognac or Bordeaux during your stay if you desire.

PraanaWellness@ChezVallee is delighted to be co-hosting this 5 night/6 day therapeutic retreat with Melanie Bayoud of Embee Designs.

About the Therapists
Praana Wellness

Mel Bayoud

About Melanie – Melanie has a wealth of experience spanning decades in the psychiatric nursing and counselling field. As a self-confessed and self-taught ‘doodle fanatic’ and illustrator from birth, Melanie, has, more recently been hosting workshops to relieve stress and using a selection of creative brain games and challenges to enable people to discover hidden self-help tools they didn’t know they had!



Amanda on yoga mat

Amanda Graham

About Amanda – A psychotherapist and mental health psychologist , yoga teacher, ayurvedic practitioner and personal coach specialising in addiction, couples relationship counselling and with a passion for balance in life Amanda’s self-confessed loves are nature and travel, buddhism and people.




Early bird 1100 euros per person (payable by 30 Nov 2016) based on shared ensuite accommodation. (1350 euros per person after 30 Nov 2016)


June 17th

Tea and fruit 7-8 am

Morning Yoga flow 8-9 am

Breakfast 9-10 am

10am-12noon Thinking with ink workshop is a unique and entertaining look at how stress affects our minds and body. Explore with Melanie the beauty of how our brains behave under stress and find the creativity that lies within every one of us. In this workshop there are no mistakes, no such thing as “I can’t draw”. Amaze yourself by how a few simple lines can achieve amazing results. An absorbing workshop, which may just launch your creative spirit into overdrive.

12 midday lunch

1pm -3pm Thinking with Ink cont’d

3pm afternoon tea and free time for massage with A Breath of Fresh Air – Holistic Therapies or relaxation by the pool or a private Counselling session with PraanaWellness Personal Coaching and Counselling.

7-8pm Dinner

6-7pm or after 8pm (optional) Melanie will available in the studio area for follow up and more drawing time. There will be a little writing homework to complete tonight for the workshop tomorrow.

8pm evening walking meditation.

June 18th

Tea and fruit 7-8am

Morning Yoga Flow 8-9am

Breakfast 9-10am

10-12 noon. EPW (Expressive Painting Workshop). For this workshop you will need to wear an old bathing suit or shorts and t shirt that you are happy to get paint on (possibly ruined). Have no expectations except a sense of childlike curiosity. Prepare to be amazed and challenged. No jewellery or watches to be worn in this class. Your hair may get paint on it, should you not want this to happen, brush coconut oil through your hair or tie a scarf around your hair.

12-1pm lunch ( outside picnic due to the nature of the workshop today!)

1-3pm EPW cont’d

3pm free time to shower and change, afternoon tea, massage or pool time!

6-7pm or after 8pm (optional) Melanie will available in the studio area for follow up and more drawing time

7-8pm dinner

9pm Yoga Nidra

June 19th

Tea and fruit 7-8am

8-9am Morning Yoga Flow

9-10am Breakfast

10-12 noon Hands on rope/yarn/ jute/ fabric. Explore the way our hands and minds are connected. Knots, crochet and all manner of wondrous things can be made and enjoyed. This workshop is about the journey, not the destination.

12-1pm midday lunch

1-3pm ROPE workshop cont’d

3pm afternoon tea, massage or pool time.

7-8pm Dinner

6-7 or after 8pm Melanie available in the studio area for follow up and more drawing/ yarn time

8.30pm Restorative Yoga

June 20th

Tea and fruit 7-8am

8-9am Morning Yoga Flow

9-10am Breakfast

10-12 noon WIP (Work In Progress) ….found where your passion lies? Experiment and evolve your curiosity with what your hands connected with during the past couple of days. Elaborate the piece of work that you found the most joy from doing. You will be guided through a few hours of complete indulgence in creating a moving experience for your hands heart and head.

12-1pm lunch

1pm WIP cont’d

3pm afternoon tea and free time, massage, pool, private sessions.

6pm (optional) tour of Chez Vallee with a brief explanation of its history in the area.

7-9pm Closing dinner with guest speaker, Mike Matthews, a local Cognac and wine expert, regarding the delights of the Charente Maritime – an introduction to Pineau and Cognac and a tasting session.

June 21st

Breakfast and Departure

9am – Traditional Door Photograph. Please meet at the main door to Chez Vallee for the traditional Retreat group photograph.



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