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Hello everyone! Mindful March already! I thought I would put out a question about what mindfulness actually means to different people and share my experience of mindful eating. Being mindful, or “living life in the present moment”, is one of those obvious things that is so common sensical (is that a word?) that it often gets ignored. So my take on mindful eating is common sense – and parents might say it is simply good manners: First, wait until everyone is ready to eat before starting, second, wish bon apetit or whatever floats your boat, third, put your knife and fork down between mouthfuls – this focuses you on the flavours and textures of what you are eating now rather than on what you will cut up and eat next – and finally: chew a lot. And that is about all! Please feel free to add, maybe I’m missing something else. I’ve also attached an interesting article.


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