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What interests me as I travel are the reasons why people choose to take care of their own well-being and how easy or difficult it might be to do so.

Since the 1980’s I have lived in 3 different countries in East and Central Africa, Malaysia and the UK. Living in Zambia with two babies we ate what more-or-less grew in the garden (or somebody else’s!) but it was nearly always local and seasonal and we didn’t have the vast choices we have today, the ‘super foods’ available from the most remote parts of the world.  Actually I considered our avocado, mango, banana and papaya trees to be our super foods. My babies just saw food!

So as I deal more and more with people’s enquiries and their confusion over what is healthy and what is not I realise now that even the health industry has become to us what the diet and fitness industry was 20+ years ago. Who do we believe? What is it that is making us fat?  We were told in the seventies that it was fat making us fat! Social media has elevated simple wholesome eating to a level that is generating millions for both the advertising industry and the fancy city deli’s.  It seems now that all the evidence points more towards the refined sugars that have dominated our health foods for the past two decades. Is red wine good for us? Or not?  Is coffee good for us? Or not?

My advice. It’s all about Balance – in all aspects of our lives, physically, mentally and emotionally.  It does, however, begin in the gut. How we nourish (or poison) our physical body either strengthens or weakens our mental and emotional wellbeing.

Simple everyday rules for taking control of your health and wellbeing

  1. Always begin your day cleansing internally with hot water with lemon and ginger (a tiny it of honey if you are coming off a high sugar diet)
  2. Always eat breakfast – as wholesome as you can. My go-to is mashed avocado on vegan bread with a tomato and/ or a vegetable juice or smoothie. Shop bought cereals are a No No – even the healthy ones are packed with sugar and salt.
  3. Self-care is so important. Make time. Yoga, walking, meditation, running – whatever it is that makes YOU feel good, do it! It will benefit everyone else around you.
  4. Drink coffee (and only the best coffee!) only in the morning.
  5. Preparation – you need to shop for a busy week and prepare – have a fridge packed with goodness, a fruit bowl to reach instantly for and a store cupboard with healthy alternative sugars and flours so you can always make something for your treat rather than reach for the biscuits.
  6. In fact – don’t buy biscuits!
  7. Don’t compromise on nourishment when you do go out with friends. Choose somewhere that serves your needs or entertain at home.


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