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About Amanda

"My passion for Ayurveda goes hand in hand with my yoga journey" - Amanda Graham
The journey of Amanda

Amanda has amazing life experiences and travels since the 1980’s, living, studying and working in Africa and Asia, the Middle East and now France. These experiences have given her the confidence and knowledge to realise her dream and offer a place for retreat.

“My wish is for people to find what it is they need at Praana Wellness, whether it is peace and quiet, fun and laughter, support and therapy”.  Since Praana Wellness opened Amanda and her team have hosted such a variety of retreats.  “I genuinely believe we have the right balance for everyone’s needs.”


Amanda’s Psychotherapy Experience

A common thread through all of Amanda’s experiences has been her Psychotherapy and having the privilege of working with some amazing mentors in the UK and Asia. “The study I have done over the last 20 years doesn’t come close to the experience my clients have given to me”, “This is especially true while they have been on their road to recovery and self-realisation, for this I am truly grateful”.

Amanda’s career began 25 years ago working for the UK government helping people with drug and alcohol issues. “I spent several years helping people with learning disabilities and also mentoring ex-offenders with alcohol and drug problems”.

Amanda then moved into private training companies working with the same demographics. She also helped women to return to the work place after several years of absence.   “I developed and ran courses for these people to build confidence and help them believe in themselves once again”.

In more recent years Amanda began taking referrals through schools and from a Psychiatrist in Kuala Lumpur. “My client base then became much more family orientated with more problems related to the expat lifestyle, for both young people and families”.  

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Amanda’s Yoga Experience

Amanda started her yoga journey as a result of a series of events in her life which forced her to take a look at her work life balance. She soon realised the benefits yoga could have on her clients. With the help of the right yoga teacher in the UK, yoga became a daily practice.

“I am a great believer that there is no such thing as coincidence, we forge our own destiny”. On arrival in Malaysia with her family, during one of the most challenging years of her life, support came in the form of two of the most amazingly gifted and modest teachers she has come across.


For the next few years Amanda had the privilege of studying yoga, pranayama and Ayurveda on a one to one basis with both of these yoga masters. She was slowly being encouraged by them to begin to teach. So she could share her love and knowledge with others. “What they taught me was; it is not about knowing everything but about your attitude and ability to share what you know well, with total modesty”.

“Life to me is a continual learning process. Yoga therapy became a passion to me”.  Amanda felt she was able to make a difference to someone suffering through the gentle use of yoga and pranayama.

“It is amazing to see the difference that yoga can make to help someone take control in a situation where one might feel totally lost”. What excites Amanda is how Praana Wellness at Chez Vallée is able to welcome some amazingly gifted and experienced yoga teachers.  Who she has had the privilege to meet over the years.  These people, bring their knowledge, experience, love and light to this amazing place.

Ayurveda and Amanda

Amanda’s passion for Ayurveda goes hand in hand with her yoga journey. The two are intrinsically linked. Her love of the great outdoors, nature and all things organic began in her childhood. “My father, Jack, was my mentor. His love of nature and his passion for teaching me all he knew, made me realise that studying Ayurveda was a natural progression, from the lessons learnt during my childhood”.

Amanda studied with the Ayuveda Pura college in London for one year to secure her basic knowledge. It was the opportunity to study privately for the next 2 years with Dr Suresh Kumar an Ayurvedic Doctor, in Malaysia, that made Amanda realise the importance of Ayurveda and its attributes.

She learnt how Ayurveda can aid in recovery from illness or accident or simply help maintain health, with an awareness of your own personal body type, and how it lives in harmony with nature and the world around.

It is with Dr Suresh’s ongoing support and mentoring that she brings Ayurveda and its wellness to Praana Wellness, applying its philosophy to daily life, whatever the challenges are.

If you have read this far it is probably because you have an interest in what we do here at Praana Wellness. Hopefully you are interested in joining us for a retreat, a workshop, some yoga or maybe just to relax in our peaceful environment.




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